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During the sixties, the decade of general classification and quest, the "TINOS" publications are created (1964) based on the vision of offering the Christian word.  "As the orthodox iconography was ‘discovered’ by F. Kontoglou, the same happened a little later with the literature of the Fathers, the ascetic theology, the hagiology. The TINOS publications gave to the orthodox people the solid food of the father’s speech and orthodox thinking."

With the approximately one thousand volumes TINOS publications brought to light forgotten folds of the orthodox spirituality and hellenic-orthodox heritage.

Our publishing company, oriented to our immovable cradles, mediates in the vocalization of healthy and bold living speech which causes vigilance to the consciences. Wants to bring forward a vital lung among the suffocation of the spiritual fume and the generalized confusion, a chance of entry to the area of hope, a small unity of freshness among the unbearable heat.

In the publications theological, historical books, books of orthodox spirituality, hagiological, literary, for children, youth, on folklore, the island of Tinos in Greek and other languages.

Our books are sold in various bookstores of Athens.
Ο περαστικός Καβαλάρης Ο Γάμος Μυστήριο Μέγα
Πελαγία η Τηνία Η Ακολουθία της Αρτοκλασίας

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